Ice Dam Prevention

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Preventing Ice Dams

It’s that time of year when ice dams can form on a house. Preventing ice dams is important for maintaining the structural integrity of your roof. In order to do this, we need to understand how and why they occur.

Heat in the Attic

There are several ways an attic can heat up in the winter. Most often it is from air leaks in the ceiling and walls. This allows the heat from the inside of the house to escape up into the attic. When that happens the snow at the top of the roof starts to melt and travel down to the edges of the roof where the temperature is much cooler. Then the water refreezes causing an ice dam.

Blocked soffit vents also contribute to poor attic ventilation. Sometimes this was done deliberately in attempt to heat up the attic. This definitely will cause ice dams and should never be done.

Temperature Fluctuations

The temperature during winter time can fluctuate. This causes the snow to melt and then refreezes. During the day the temperature rises and then at night the temperature falls again. When this happens, the water can seep under the roof and when it refreezes can cause the roof to separate.

The Sun

The radiant heat from the sun can also play a factor in ice dams. Even if the temperature during the day is below freezing, the sun’s radiant heat can cause the snow to melt. There is really no way to predict how much the sun will radiate on any given day.

Ice dams are a problem this time of year. Contact Davis Roofing and Construction for any of your ice dam needs. Remember, please don’t go up on the roof especially if there is a chance of having ice on it. Leave it to the professionals and we are here to help you out.

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  Common Roofing Problems

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There are many common roofing problems that often go overlooked. Proper roof maintenance can avoid many of these problems. Here we will go over some of them now.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can get clogged quickly. This can cause problems very fast. Most of the time the cause is leaves. Then when it rains, water can pool up and start to cause damage to your roof.

Even damaged gutters can cause serious problems. Not only to your roof but to your foundation also. When water is not properly drained away from your house it could damage the foundation.

Snow and Ice

With our rough winters, snow and ice can cause ice dams. Normally this may not be such a problem, but when it starts to melt and then refreezes, it could form back into ice. When the snow melts it can get under the shingles and then pop up the roof when ice is created.

Tree Damage

Regular tree trimming not only keeps up your curb appeal, it could potentially prevent future repairs. Having branches constantly rubbing on a roof can damage it. Try and keep branches from rubbing and wearing down the roof. When the top layer is damaged, roof leaks will occur.

Leaking Valleys

We already know how a buildup of leaves and other debris can cause leaks. The accumulation of debris can collect water. Sitting water will start the rotting and deteriorating the roof. Check the valleys often and keep them clean (going up on a roof is very dangerous).

Poor Maintenance

This is the easiest to avoid. Regular inspections can prevent future problems in the roof. Preventing problems could save money in the long run. For best results, stick to a schedule.

If you need any help with any of these or would like to schedule an inspection, Call or Contact Us. Davis Roofing and Construction is here to keep your roof beautiful.

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