How to Avoid Roofer Scams

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There are a lot of illegitimate roofers out there. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that someone might be trying to scam you with roof repair jobs.

Storm Chasers

This one won’t catch you by surprise. Right after a big storm, they show up at your door with a laundry list of repairs that need to be made to your roof. Most of these are going to be repairs not needed.

No Down Payment

Everyone knows that if you can’t pay something in full there will always be a down payment. There are companies that will actually submit two different bids, one for you, one for the insurance company. There will be different prices. This is how they get rid of the down payment. This is illegal.

Super Low Quote

When you receive a quote that is really cheap, this should automatically set off some alarms. They start low and then all of a sudden there are more repairs to be made. Yes, sometimes you don’t see an underlying problem until you start working. But these guys take it to another level with an increase in costs. It could be something they didn’t see or even claim an increase in the price of materials.

Ready to Work

Like any other industry, roofers have their downtimes and are looking for work. Most roofers will not start work the same day or even the very next. A lot of these people want to get in and get out. This is a sign of a scammer. They are usually from out of town and just want to get their money and run. If you run into this situation take a look at their plates or see if the phone number they give you is from out of state. This could be a sign of a roofing scam in the making.

Unseen Damage

Some of these people will try to point out damage that they say cannot be seen by a layman’s eyes. They will actually try to get permission to go up on the roof. Then try to take pictures of the damage (mostly what they caused). Don’t let anybody on your property or your roof that you didn’t invite.

These are just some of the scams out there and new ones will constantly be invented. Davis Roofing and Construction has been serving the Chicago area for over 60 years. We are licensed and insured like any legitimate roofing company. Call or contact us for a free quote. We will sit down with you and explain everything that needs to be done. We will answer any questions you may have and work with you like any legitimate roofing contractor should.

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  Financing Your Roof

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As in our previous post we talked about when is it time to replace your roof. If you have already made this decision to do so, how are you going to pay for it?

  • Cash
  • Personal Loan
  • Through Your Roofer
  • Home Equity Loan


Because of the fact that there are so many factors that go into the cost of a new roof, paying out of your pocket is not exactly for everyone. Knowing this, you could be tempted to cut corners. We are not just talking about wanting cheap materials, but it could also mean not getting you the look you wanted for your roof. We strongly advise to never to do this.

Personal Loans

Since you do own your home, you probably have the credit to take out a personal loan to finance a new roof. The downside of this is the higher interest rate. A lot of times this can raise the price of your new roof quite drastically and might not be a good choice for everyone.

Through Your Contractor

Financing through your contractor is sometimes the best option. They have the connections and know how to help you get the best options for your budget. Many times they are able to get you lower interest payments that can help save money in the long run.

Your contractor might even be able to get you a differed payment with no interest. This is the same like some car loans where you do not pay additional interest for like the first six months. They might even be able to get you in on a delay of payments and when the time is up you go back to your regular payments.

Home Equity Loan

This one can be tricky for some people and is a big decision for most. When you take out one of these loans, you are actually taking away possibly years of investment you have put into your house. Also remember that if you do not have a lot of equity in your home you are less likely to qualify for this type of loan.

Davis Roofing and Construction can help you go through all the options you have. Mostly we can get you the loan according to your needs and budget through us. After all, our best interest in not only doing a professional roofing job, we want to keep your home safe and protected. Call or contact us so that we can get that new roof on your house or building.

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