About Davis Roofing & Construction

Third Generation Roofing Contractor Specialists for Over 60 Years

Davis Roofing & Construction Inc. been providing quality roofing for homes and commercial buildings for over 60 years. We are 3rd generation roofing specialists dedicated to quality workmanship with three branch locations serving the suburban Chicago area.

Davis Roofing Specialists Dedicated To Customer Satisfaction

Davis Roofing has long set the standard for excellence in roofing throughout the Chicago Area since 1952, when Silas Davis first started roofing. After buying his first truck in 1953, Silas found his niche in providing quality service to homeowners looking for quality roofing at a fair price. Since then three generations of the Davis family have proven time and again that attention to detail is what makes a quality roof.

A New Roof Protects Your Home Against Brutal Chicago Weather

It’s not just the quality of the asphalt shingles that matter, it’s what’s underneath that makes a big difference. We don’t cut corners. We make sure to properly seal around skylights, chimneys and exhaust pipes. We prepare your roof for the brutal Chicago weather by using the best quality underlayments and double-protecting critical areas with commercial grade ice and water shield that guards against leaks from ice damming in winter and torrential rain storms in summer. Whether you need a new roof for a new home, or are looking to re-roof your existing home or make repairs, call Davis Roofing today for your free estimate.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Systems, Maintenance and Repair

Count on Davis Roofing & Construction to handle your Commericial, Industrial or Institutional Roofing Project. We have dedicated crews that specialize in Commercial Roofing and work on anything from a small bank or steep-slope church to a 6-story city office building. Learn more about our Commercial Roofing Contractor Services.

Sheet Metal, Siding and Gutters

Davis Roofing & Construction also provides expert siding, gutters and downspouts installation services. Call us today to find out how we can help beautify your home and further protect it from the elements at